Uthuvana Powder (50g)


K. africana is a geophytic plant whose bulb is taken for its weight loss, anti-diabetic, and wound healing properties.

Learn more about uthuvana: https://www.cell.com/heliyon/pdf/S2405-8440(18)32986-4.pdf 





Family: Curcurbitaceae

Scientific name: Kedrostis africana 

Authority: (L.) Cogn.

Synonyms: Bryonia africana L., Coniandra africana (L.) Sond., Rhynchocarpa africana (L.) Asch.

Zulu names: ilabatheki, uthuvana, uthuvishe

Other names: baboon’s cucumber, Cape Bryony (English) basterdawidjies, basterdawidjieswortel, haap, haarwortel, kleinbobbejaankomkommer, laloentjie (Afrikaans) 


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