Intolwane Powder (50g)


E. elephantina is a perennial suffrutex (or low shrub) that is used for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

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Family: Fabaceae

Scientific name: Elephantorrhiza elephantina

Authority: (Burch.) Skeels

Synonym: Entada elephantina (Burch.) S.A.O’Donnell & G.P.Lewis

Zulu names: intolwane, intolwane enkulu, ugweje, ugweje obovu, umdabu

Other names:eland’s bean, eland’s wattle, elephant’s foot, elephant’s root, dwarf elephant’s root (English) boswortel, elandsboontjie, leerbossie, looi ersboontjie, olifantswortel (Afrikaans) mupangara (Shona), mositsane (Sotho, Tswana)

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