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Family: Asparagaceae

Scientific name: Agave americana 

Authority: L. 

Synonym: Aloe americana (L.) Crantz  

Zulu names: halibhoma, uhalibhoma,

Other names: American aloe, century plant, maguey, pita fibers,

Description: A.americana is a large succulent with gray-green fleshy rosette leaves that have spiny margins and a sharp tip as well as greenish-yellow flowers that only blossom at the end of the plant’s life. The plant is native to the United States and Mexico and naturalised in South Africa.  


  • The plant is fermented and distilled to make a traditional alcoholic drink in Mexico, known as pulque.
  • The leaves are ground and put in drinking water to treat nematodes in chicken. 
  • The plant is used as a detergent, diuretics, emmenagogue, laxative, and insecticide.
  • The leaf sap is used to treat scurvy. 
  • The leaves and roots are used to treat syphilis. 
  • The plant is used as a source of fibre for weaving bags, mats, ropes, and twines.
  • The plant is used as a substitute for soap. 
  • The plant is cultivated as a garden ornamental and a hedge plant.  

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