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Family: Cucurbitaceae

Scientific name: Citrullus lanatus

Authority: (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai 

Zulu names: amabhece, ibeche, ikhabe, ikhebe, umhense

Other names: common wild watermelon, jam melon  (English) bitterboela, bitterwaatlemoen, karkoer (Afrikaans)

Description: C. lanatus is an annual scrambling herb. It has leaves with toothed margins, greenish yellow flowers, and edible large fruits.   


  • The edible fruit is eaten as food that refreshes, as a source of hydration to quench thirst.
  • The fruit is boiled until it becomes soft and is eaten as a vegetable. 
  • The fruit is used as an aphrodisiac.
  • The fruit is used as an astringent.
  • The fruit is used as an expectorant.
  • The fruit is used as a diuretic.
  • The fruit is used as a stomachic.
  • The fruit is used as a blood purifier. 
  • The fruit cures biliousness.
  • The fruit treats sore eyes.
  • The fruit is used to treat scabies and itch. 
  • The seeds are ground to powder and used to make a meal. 
  • The shoots are eaten as a vegetable. 
  • The shoots are boiled and the water taken as a tea for hypertension. 
  • The plant is used as a charm to prevent worms from damaging crops.

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