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Ikhambi lesimungumungwane

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Family name: Asteraceae

Scientific name: Vernonia anisochaetoides

Authority: (Sond.) H.Rob. & B. Kahn

Synonym: Distephanus anisochaetoides (Sond.) H.Rob. & B.Kahn

Zulu names: ikhambi lesimungumungwane

Short description: V. anisochaetoides is a scandent shrub that grows to about 3 m in height. It occurs in the eastern seaboard of South Africa, ranging from Knysna to Stanger and Bulwer as well as Ngome and Nkandla forests.


The Zulu name “ikhambi lesimungumungwane” means “the herb of measles”.

The plant gets the name ikhambi lesimungumungwane because it is generally used to treat measles.

Other uses: Besides measles, the shrub is also used to treat various respiratory and dermatological conditions, such as flu, cold, cough, fever, rash etc.

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