Gobandlovu Powder (50g)


B. maughamii is a small to medium-sized tree occurring in the low altitude bushveld and sand forests of Southern Africa. It has bifoliate leaves, yellowish-green flowers, drupe fruits that turn reddish brown when ripe, containing a single cream-coloured seed. B. maughamii is an important medicinal plant. DOI:10.22159/ajpcr.2019.v12i7.33915





Family: Zygophyllaceae

Scientific name: Balanites maughamii 

Authority: Sprague

Zulu names: gobandlovu, iphambo, ugobandlovu, umnulu

Other names: green thorn, torch wood, torch fruit tree (English), fakkelsaadboom, groendoring, lemoendoring (Afrikaans) umnulu (Sotho), nulu (North Sotho)


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