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Family name: Rubaceae

Scientific name: Ptaeroxylon obliquum

Authority: (Thunb.) Radlk.

Synonym: Paeroxylon utile Eckl. & Zeyh

Zulu names: ubhaqa, umthathe, umthatheni, umthathi, ithatha, umsango

Short description: P. obliquum is a small to medium-sized tree with compound leaves whose leaflets are oblique-shaped, hence the species name obliquum. The tree produces wood that contains oils which causes violent sneeze attacks, hence its English name sneezewood


The Zulu name “umthathe” means “take them on“.

The plant gets the name umthathe because it is used to take on enemies.

Related uses: The bark is used to take on enemies and to trap those using witchcraft against you. The bark is also soaked in hot water and the infusion is administered through steaming and bathing for good luck

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