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Izizwe – possession by an evil spirit

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The term “izizwe” is a Zulu word that means "nations". It is a plural term for “isizwe”, which means "a nation". In traditional medicine, the term izizwe is the name of the medicine used to create evil spirits from different nations known in Zulu as imimoyayezwe or imimoyayezizwe. The man-made evil spirits created by izizwe are able to magically communicate as a person’s spirit. The spirit usually communicates inside the person that they have possessed. The term izizwe is used because the spirits are purposely created to include a diverse range of spirits from different nations (or nationalities). 

Izizwe is made by mixing the soil and the ants from different graves and the claws of a foul with some magical herbs called amakhubalo. The ants are collected from the different graves at night using the bones of a wild animal....

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