Uqadolo Powder (50g)


B. pilosa is an erect annual herb and an important medicinal plant. 





Family: Asteraceae

Scientific name: Bidens pilosa

Authority: L.

Synonyms: Bidens leucantha (L.) Willd., Bidens pilosa L. var. minor (Blume) Sherff

Zulu names:  amalenjane, umalenjane, isikhathula, ungcugcuza, ucucuza, umesisi, umhlabangubo, uqadolo, unqandolo, ucadolo, ingcadolo, ugamfe, ugamfefe, umasisi, umesisi

Other names: blackjack, spanish needle, hairy beggar ticks, farmer’s friend, cobbler’s pegs, pitchforks


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Weight 50 g


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