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The rise of faith healers (abathandazeli)

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 Abathandazeli is a Nguni word derived from the word “ukuthandaza” which means “to pray''. Abathandazeli are people that use the power of prayer to heal illnesses and to find solutions to problems. They believe in the healing and supernatural power of prayer. Abathandazeli are religion-orientated African traditional healers. Their existence pre-dates colonialism and the arrival of missionaries with Christianity. 

Abathandazeli that existed before the arrival of Christianity did not use Biblical scriptures in their healing and did not speak in tongues. Instead, they called on Umvelinqangi (God) and used ukukhothama (a type of meditation) to attain ubunye (oneness) with Umvelinqangi. They also had privileged access to ancestors and used traditional medicines, similar to izangoma (psychic diviners) and izinyanga (traditional healers).

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