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Ukuchatha – Enema – Colon Hydrotherapy – Jala Basti Kriya

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Ukuchatha is an indigenous practice of cleansing and purifying the body from the inside-out. At a high level, ukuchatha can be defined as an enema administration technique. The word enema actually means a number of different things depending on how you use the word.

First, enema can describe the injection of a fluid into the colon through the rectum, the word rectum will be used instead of the word anus. There are different ways of injecting fluid into the colon through the rectum. Later, the article looks at how different groups of people inject fluids through the rectum.

Secondly, enema can refer to the fluid that is used when injecting fluid into the colon through the rectum. There are different kinds of fluids that can be used from plain water to saline water, this is water with coarse salt. You can also use water with sunlight soap, water with a few drops of shibhoshi, prepared traditional medicines etc.

Lastly, the word enema can refer to the device for administering the fluid. There are different types of enema devices, from the simple bulb douche syringe to syphon enema to container-with-tube enema and sophisticated enema machines that are used in hospitals. 

According to Egyptian mythology, enema was invented by the god Thoth, the god of the moon, reckoning, learning, and writing. It is said that Thoth was also the inventor of writing. The use of enema was first mentioned in Ancient Egyptian medicinal literature as early as 1500 B.C. One of the ways that enema was used in ancient Egypt was to administer medications to patients. Over the years, the uses of enema have evolved due, in part, to the changes that have been made to the enema device.   

Enema means different things to different groups of people. To better understand what enema means to different groups of people, let's explore some examples of how and why different groups of people administer enema.

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