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Family: Sapotaceae

Scientific name: Vitellariopsis marginata

Authority: (N.E. Br.)  Aubrév.

Synonyms: Austromimusops marginata (N.E.Br.) A.Meeuse, Baillonella marginata (N.E.Br.) Baehni, Mimusops marginata N.E.Br.

Zulu names: amasethole, umphumbulu

Other name: forest bush milkwood

Plant description:  V. marginata is a small tree (or shrub) with simple broad leaves, white flowers, grey bark, and globose fruits that turn purplish-red when ripe. It occurs in the forests of South-East Africa.


  • The roots are used as an ingredient to make a commercial herbal tonic called imbiza ephuzwayo
  • The roots and leaves are used to make a tonic that is taken orally for blood cleansing or detoxification.
  • The roots and leaves are used to make a tonic that is taken as enema for sexual stimulation and to treat male impotence.
  • The roots are used as an aphrodisiac.
  • The roots are used to make psychoactive medicine to alter consciousness, perceptions, moods, and emotions.
  • The roots are used to make an infusion to treat idliso, food poisoning.
  • The roots are used to treat indigestion.
  • The wood is used for construction.

Safety precaution:

Using traditional medicine responsibly can enhance your overall health and well-being. Misuse and abuse can lead to complications. You can inquire about the correct use of traditional medicine from a knowledgeable herbalist and practitioner. You can also visit or email: to learn more about traditional medicine

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