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Family name: Ebenaceae

Scientific name: Euclea natalensis

Authority: A. DC.

Zulu names: ichithamuzi, idungamuzi, inkunzane, inkunzi emnyama, umshekisane, umzimane, umhlalanyamazane, umanyathi

Short description: E. natalensis is a small tree (or shrub) with aromatic cream to yellow bell-shaped flowers and fleshy berry fruits.


The Zulu name “ichithamuzi” means “that which breaks up a marriage, home, or family“.

The plant gets the name ichithamuzi because it’s main use in traditional medicine is to break up a relationship or to cause dissension in a home.

The bark is ground to powder and used to make a concoction that is then sprinkled in and around the homestead.

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