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Family name: Fabaceae

Scientific name: Albizia adianthifolia

Authority: (Schumach.) W.F. Wight

Synonyms: Albizia fastigiata (E.Mey.) Oliv., Inga fastigiata (E. Mey.) Oliv., Mimosa adianthifolia Schumach., Zygia fastigiata E. Mey.

Zulu names: usolo, umgadankawu, isikhukazi esimatshwele, isiyengelele, umhlandluli, igowane, umnala, umnebelele, ungwebo omkhulu

Other names: flat crown, rough-bark flat crown (English) platkroon (Afrikaans)

Short description: A. adianthifolia is a medium-sized to large tree with a flat crown that grows in most habitats and is a short-lived pioneer tree. It has aromatic and twice compound leaves, fluffy flowers, and large hanging seed pods.


The Zulu name “umgadankawu” means “one who looks after the monkeys”.

The tree gets the name umgadankawu because it is a shelter for monkeys.

Related uses: The fine powdered bark is taken as snuff to treat acute and chronic headaches and sinusitis. The bark is used to make poultice that is applied topically to treat skin infection. It is used as love and good luck charm by people looking for love and a job.

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