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Family name: Fabaceae

Scientific name: Pterocarpus angolensisis

Authority: DC.

Zulu names: idlandlovu, umbilo, umvagazi

Short description: P. angolensis is a medium-size to large deciduous tree with aromatic orange-yellow pea-like flowers, fruits in the form of circular winged pods containing 1-2 seeds, and a stem bark that “bleeds” reddish resin.


The Zulu name “umvagazi” means “that which bleeds or releases blood“. The English and Afrikaans equivalents are “bloodwood” and “bloedhout”.

The plant gets the name umvagazi because it’s main use in traditional medicine is to increase the production of red blood cells in the body.

The bark is used to make a decoction that is taken orally to naturally increase the hemoglobin count levels, thus increasing the red blood cell count levels.

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