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Family name: Polygalaceae

Scientific name: Muraltia lancifolia

Authority: Harv.

Synonyms: Muraltia pilosa DC., Muraltia tenuifolia Meisn., Polygala pilosa Poir.

Zulu names: uvalo, umayisaka

Other names: purple heath

Short description: M. lancifolia is a multi-stemmed shrub that grows to about 0.4 m in height. It has lance-shaped leaves, pubescence, and pale pink to white flowers. The shrub grows in the grassland.


The Zulu name “uvalo” means “nervousness or anxiety“.

The plant gets the name uvalo because it is used to treat conditions associated with nervous disorders.

Related uses: The plant is used to treat the symptoms associated with fearfulness, anxiousness, nervousness, and worry. The whole plant is also used as a bathing agent to enhance the user’s looks & charm.

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