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Wankie stone

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Wankie stone is what you may call a pum-pum drying and tightening agent. It is not a plant, but it is a type of stone. It is sold by traditional healers as a traditional medicine agent. 

Wankie stone is very popular among women in countries and cultures where having dry coitus is a preference. Zimbabwe is an example of such as country. Dry coitus is a practice where the woman engages in the coitus with a dry and tight pum-pum. This is done to enhance intimacy with the partner and to make coitus enjoyable or pleasurable for the partner.  

 Believe it or not – dry coitus is a prevalent practice. Many countries including South Africa and other African countries, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, and Costa Rica have been identified as countries that predominantly practice and prefer dry coitus. When Americans sing about the WAP (Cardi B’s song) some Africans sing about the DAP. 

Wankie stone is a popular traditional medicine agent that is used by women in countries and cultures where women prefer to have a dry and tight pum-pum. In a study done on dry coitus practices, female s.e.x workers were surveyed and 80% of them said that they used drying agents with their clients.

The problem with having coitus with a tight and dry pum-pum is that it is related to genital inflammation and abrasion, and this can increase the chances of transmitting HIV.

The wankie stone tightens the pum-pum and women prepare and use the stone in various ways.

  • The stone can also be ground into powder, the powder is then mixed with water, and the infusion used when douching.  
  • Zimbabwean women ground the stone into powder and insert it into the vagina.

The women that use a wankie stone have testified that using the stone made them feel like a virgin again. 

The wankie stone is also used to clean water & to give it a good flavour. Wankie stone also treats ulcers, wounds, & sores (especially mouth and throat sores).

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