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Coarse salt (utswayi olugroff)

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Coarse salt is a type of salt with larger crystals than the fine grained like table salt. Coarse salt has culinary (flavor and preserve food) and spiritual uses.

The uses of course salts depend on the type of coarse salt.

Types of coarse salts

There are different types of coarse salts, the following summarizes the most common types:

  • Sea salt is harvested by evaporating sea water from seawater lakes.
  • Rock (or Himalayan) salt is harvested from a salt mine, such as the Himalayan mountains.
  • Kosher salt is either mined like rock salt or evaporated from sea water like sea salt. The main difference between kosher and fine salt is that kosher salt does not contain any iodine (which is used to keep fine salt fine).

Note that bath salts are not a type of coarse salt. However, coarse salt is one of the ingredients used when making bath salts.

Spiritual uses of coarse salt

Besides preserving and flavoring food, coarse salt can also be used for spiritual cleansing or detoxing. Coarse salt can absorb the negative energies of whatever it comes into contact with. As such, it can be used to cleanse and protect the body and the surroundings from negative spirits in the following ways:

  • The coarse salt is be added to warm water that is taken orally to detox the body in the short-term. This mixture is thought to relieve bloating and constipation and it cleanses the colon.
  • The coarse salt is added to warm bath water in order to soak the body to cleanse the body and to relieve bodily pain.
  • The coarse salt is added to water to clean the home.
  • The saltwater solution is used as isiwasho by Zionist faith healers.
  • The salt is added to concocted homemade mixture made with shibhoshi, methylated spirit, camphor block, and holy ash to cleanse the home. The mixture is also sprinkled (known as ukuchela in Zulu) in and around the home to ward off evil.


Use coarse salt with caution. It can potentially cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance which may result in digestive, kidney, or heart problems and feeling weak.

You can learn more about the uses of coarse salt and how it is used to make isiwasho, by accessing isiwasho. You can learn about holy ash, camphor block, and shibhoshi by accessing holy ash, camphor block, and shibhoshi. You can also learn about faith healers by accessing The rise of faith healers.

Safety precaution

The use of traditional medicine in prescribed dosages will yield good results. Misuse and abuse may lead to complications. To learn about correct dosage, consult a traditional healer or a herbalist. You can also visit or email: to learn more about traditional medicine.

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